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Hawraa Alsaedi
Hawraa is a junior and this is her first year on staff. She was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq but came to America as a refugee in 2010. Hawraa speaks Arabic and English fluently, and plans on becoming fluent in French as well. She has a passion for language, because she has experienced first hand how it can bring people together (or pull them apart). Hawraa loves to read, watch documentaries and mystery/thriller movies, and spend time with her family. The culture, ideas and beliefs she grew up with couldn’t be more different from what she sees here, but she is in love with diversity so it’s a great experience. Hawraa is very tolerant and accepting of all different kinds of people, and though she likes to think that that is how she was born, it’s more likely she is this way because people have not always been so tolerant and accepting of her. Hawraa's dying wish would be world peace and/or repaying her parents for all the sacrifices they have made for her. Hawraa wants to become a doctor (probably a pediatrician or anesthesiologist) and work for the UN/Red Cross/ Doctors without Borders in Africa, and maybe she’ll be able to go back home. She wants to spend her entire life helping people in need because she was always surrounded by them throughout her life.

Hawraa Alsaedi, Staff Reporter

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