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Homophobic laws in Russia gain momentum

Bella Isaacs, Staff Reporter

February 4, 2014

Filed under Op/Ed

Former Republican member of the Michigan House of Representatives Dave Agema came out in support of new legislation in Russia that works to restrict “pro-gay propaganda”, making it illegal to promote or distribute material...

Staff reporter returns from South Africa, reflects on Mandela’s influence

Bella Isaacs, Staff Reporter

December 11, 2013

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On Dec. 5  the world said goodbye to one of its most influential and inspiring leaders. Nelson Mandela, aged 95, died surrounded by family in his home in Johannesburg, South Africa. Though he remained out of the public eye for nearly a decade—save for one...

OHS drops the ball on celebrating Veterans Day

Jazz Dunham, Staff Reporter

November 17, 2013

Filed under Op/Ed

Nov. 11 is a day to remember, Nov. 11 is Veterans Day.  Many seem to have forgotten this special day because it is not mentioned much during school.  Veterans Day is celebrated all around our country , but not at OHS. Vetera...

Price of graduation seems superfluous to seniors

Melissa Porchik, Business manager

November 11, 2013

Filed under Op/Ed

Many people dream of their last year in high school as being laid back, fun and homework-free, or at least I did. But I am done with the first marking period of my senior year, and it has been a lot more stressful than I ever ...

Affordable electronics have human cost

Melissa Porchik, Business Manager

October 10, 2013

Filed under Op/Ed

In 2010 alone, 18 Chinese Foxconn workers attempted suicide; 14 of these individuals died. Foxconn, a Taiwanese company, is the world’s largest supplier of electronic parts to western companies including Apple, Dell and Ace...

YouTube not just frivolous time-waster

Ania Piecuch, Staff Reporter

October 2, 2013

Filed under Op/Ed

YouTube is usually treated as if it is just for silly videos, but YouTube should be taken seriously. The site provides learning via YouTube channels like Khan Academy or CrashCourse; YouTube can also be a source of entertainmen...

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