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Modern language is not end of world

Riley Lulich, Staff Reporter

October 11, 2014

Filed under Op/Ed

A lot of people these days seem to think that the way we communicate virtually is ruining the English language. We text made-up words like ‘LOL’ or ‘OMG’. If we do that in casual conversation, we must be warping our vocabulary....

Caffeine: more costly than the bill at Starbucks indicates

Sami Luke, Staff Reporter

October 10, 2014

Filed under Op/Ed

A pit stop at Starbucks on the way to school is an everyday routine for many high school students. In the moment, the boost of energy a cup of coffee delivers may seem crucial after a lengthy night of studying for that AP Government...

Why are we still mocking vegetarianism?

Maddy Brodeur, Photo and Design Editor

October 8, 2014

Filed under Op/Ed

Vegetarians and vegans have an impact on the world around us that is broader than simply making restaurant orders difficult. Vegetarians and vegans seem to bring complications to family dinners because their needs are sometimes...

Easter commercialization has not gone too far

Rachel Sternik, Staff Reporter

April 29, 2014

Filed under Op/Ed

In a world where many people wish to go back to the old ways of humble celebration, in era of holiday commercialization, I do the not think the celebration of Easter has crossed any lines. Compared to the outrageous commercialization...

Current feminist movement lacking in certain areas

Melissa Porchik, Business Manager

April 11, 2014

Filed under Op/Ed

As much as I believe in equal treatment and opportunities for women, many holes exist in the feminist movement today, one being the payment of child support. When seeking equality many women set aside the responsibility side of the ...

Northwestern changes frontier of college sports

Jacob Meschke, Copy Editor

April 1, 2014

Filed under Op/Ed

For the first time in the modern era of college sports, college athletes are taking a stand. For years, the NCAA and the universities have taken all the profits, kept all the influence and maintained control with impunity. Colleg...

Corrupt America ruins Valentine’s Day

Liz Mack, Staff Reporter

February 14, 2014

Filed under Op/Ed

Feb. 14 is a capitalist scheme disguised in roses and pink hearts, known better as Valentine’s Day. Flowers, chocolate, stuffed animals and expensive dinners rule the day, but why? What is the point of Valentine’s Day be...

A single’s approach to Valentine’s Day

Melissa Porchik, Business Manager

February 14, 2014

Filed under Op/Ed

Valentine’s Day separates the human population into two categories: couples, and singles who resent the ‘Hallmark Holiday’;spending the month of February griping. To avoid the single stereotype, I am going to try something n...

Satire: Life without flappy bird will go on

Elizabeth Hossink, Staff Reporter

February 12, 2014

Filed under Op/Ed, Satire

With an air of fright, confusion and hopelessness, a single phrase is whispered throughout the halls. It is murmured among friends and overshadowing the headlines. People talk about it as if it were tabooed. Even the thought ...

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