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Glee struggles to stay original

Netra Murthy, Business Manager

October 14, 2013

So what did you miss on this week’s Glee? A new school nurse catches Sam’s eye, Rachel gets the part of a lifetime, a little attention turns Tina into a diva, and Santana finds a love interest in New York. “Tina in the Sky with Diamonds” premiered on Thursday night, and took place during Prom we...

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2: a sequel that does not disappoint

Alison Pack, Staff Reporter

October 14, 2013

Unlike many sequels, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 did not disappoint its viewers. For those who remember the first installment, protagonist Flint had created a machine called the Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator. The machine turned water vapor into food hoping to eli...

“The Devil in the White City” is perfect mix of history and thrill

Casey Mossholder, Staff Reporter

October 8, 2013

The year is 1893 and Daniel Burnham has just created America’s first world fair. The thriving city of Chicago is enjoying a time of prosperity and adventure, but what happens next is something no one, not even Burnham, is ready for. The Devil in the White City, a book by Eric Larson brings suspense and ex...

MGMT’s new album up to par with previous releases

Liz Mack, Web Editor

October 3, 2013

The psychedelic music gods are at it again. After a three year hiatus MGMT released Optimizer a 10 track album that will leave you putting it on repeat. Critics have claimed that their Optimizer sounds too much like their other songs, because most of it features a swirling synthesizer background noise;...

iOS 7 arrives for iPhone users

Bella Isaacs, Staff Reporter

September 27, 2013

Its arrival was the most anticipated event since the birth of the royal baby, and when finally released, it was met with equal amounts of excitement: iOS 7, the upgrade designed for the iPhone 4 and above, is a complete revamp of the old iOS 6, and is unlike any system Apple has created before. Bey...

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