The Monuments Men: a movie worth seeing

My family and I shuffled into the movie theater anticipating the movie of the night: The Monuments Men. We arrived two minutes before the movie started and, to our surprise, there were fewer than five other people in the theater. At this point I thought that the movie was bound to disappoint; however it did everything but.

The movie featured a group of art experts who formed a platoon with the mission of recovering stolen art by the Nazis and returning it to its owners toward the close of World War II. However, the movie proved to be so much more than that.

George Clooney, the writer, director and protagonist, tied in a greater meaning into this portrayal of a true story. Clooney’s film showed a superior importance of the arts that overshadowed the whole movie as well as a sense of honor, pride and redemption.

Even though the movie did not have the high attendance of Avengers or Hunger Games, I found it surprisingly humorous and light-hearted, yet serious and inspirational. The interesting melody of moods made The Monuments Men easier to sit through and left me walking out of the theater in a good mood.

This movie included several well-known names including Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett and John Goodman. The film is rated PG-13, for a few images of war violence and excessive smoking that were used to portray the time period, according to IMDB.

The Monuments Men is not a movie I would buy and watch over and over again. It would be perfect, however, for watching in history class when learning about World War II as it offered a whole new aspect of the war that I had not learned in any of my previous classes.

Overall, The Monuments Men is enjoyable and held my attention, but is certainly not the next big blockbuster hit. However, for those who like history, it is worth watching at least once.