Thousands of residents lose power in storm

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A severe storm swept through Okemos Nov. 17, leaving many fallen trees and downed power lines in its wake.

High winds and rain began around 4 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, which led to highly dangerous driving conditions for much of Sunday night. Several events occurred as a result of the heavy weather.

The wind swept a neighborhood trampoline into a tree on Dobie Road. On Park Lake Road near Burcham Hills in East Lansing, the transformer of a downed power line burned a blue flame that forced police to block off the area until they could put out the hazardous fire.

By the time the storm had quieted down early Monday morning, multiple flash-floods, large amount of scattered debris and widespread power outages had occurred in Meridian Township.

Bennett Woods Elementary School was closed Monday, Nov. 18 due to a loss of power that authorities could not rectify in time for the school day.

According to WLNS, nearly 103,000 houses across mid-Michigan lost electricity Sunday night. Several rural homes that are not connected to city pipe lines also lost water.

Many residents were forced to spend several nights in their homes without electricity. David McKinley (12) is one such person.

“I didn’t have power for three days. My bedroom was 38 degrees, but my parents wouldn’t get a hotel room. It was rough. It was tough,” McKinley said.

As of 5 p.m. on Wednesday night, the majority of the homes affected by the storms reported to have regained power once and for all after several days of touch and go. After several nights of living in candlelight, those affected are able to finally get back to their normal lives.

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