New salad dressings disappoint students

As many students have noticed, our cafeteria has recently made some cutbacks. One of the most noticeable of these would have to be salad dressings. Gone are the days of picking your dressing, the choice is no more. The wide array of dressings is gone.

A sad three dressings remain. Of them, I have tried two.

My first experience of the new dressing catastrophe took place a few weeks ago. It had been a long day, and I was looking forward to my packed lunch but, to my displeasure, I had misplaced it, which forced me to buy lunch from the school. I chose a salad.

When I approached the register to pick out my dressing, I was displeased with the lack of choices, but I continued on. I grabbed a generic ranch and moved on. However, what awaited me was not the lunch I had anticipated.

The dressing had a strange taste, less like dressing, and more like liquified mayonnaise.

A few days later, I tried the Italian dressing, hoping it would be better than the ranch disappointment, but to my surprise, it too had faults. It seemed too runny, all of the flavor ran off the leaves, leaving me with a dampened salad.

This lunchroom fiasco must end. I do not want to hide my sad, lifeless leaves under even sadder and more lifeless dressing. I want to be excited to eat my greens.

The only thing that I ask for is our old selection back. I want my salad pride back. I want people to view my salad with envy. Most importantly, I want to actually taste some dressing, not a moistened leaf that has been sitting in the refrigerator too long.

Unfortunately, Due to health restrictions, we will not be able to have the same indulgences as last year. Restrictions on all foods, including condiments, have forced our school to order dressings that are all of similar fat content and calorie amount. its a ridiculous restriction on something that shouldn’t have to be restricted, but for now, the school has its hands tied.