Welcome to Night Vale creates positive image for podcasts

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A rabbit runs across a dirt path, a helicopter can be seen for a brief moment overhead, a voice is heard from a lone radio station near a darkened park with only a large glowing Arby’s sign in sight. What is going on, why are the people turning to dark masses?

When my friend first recommended that I listen to the ever-growing podcast Welcome to Night Vale, I was a little skeptical. The humorous podcast is centered around a radio station located in a desert town, Night Vale.

The main broadcaster is named Cecil Baldwin, and the podcast airs twice a month. Cecil has one of those voices that you can not stop listening to, like that of an NPR news broadcaster.

After listening to the pilot episode I fell in love. The episodes last about 20 minutes and keep listeners gripping the edge of their seats through the whole story.

The town is strange and it takes some time to get used to the different stories; for example dogs and people are not allowed in the dog park because “the hooded figures” live there. The podcast is hilarious because some of the stories are just so strange they are comical.

I never would have chosen to listen to radio over watching TV until  I started to listen to Welcome to Night Vale.  It may be the mentality that we have today where  pictures with sounds are at the forefront of our lives, yet podcasts are amazing because you can imagine all of the images, just like with a book.

My skepticism is now completely gone and I cannot get enough of the show.

Another amazing quality to Welcome to Night Vale is the fanbase. Since there is no “one” image for what the characters look like, the variety of fan drawings amazes me. This connection forms between fans of the show because everyone interprets the characters differently. With a month between the episodes,  the podcasts gives listeners a lot of time to discuss and have some interesting debates online. The creators even host live shows, on stage, in the New York area because they want to be connected with the fans. Welcome to Night Vale has an amazing community surrounding a great podcast.

Click here if you are intrested in hearing the podcast: http://podbay.fm/show/536258179 for Welcome to Night Vale’s offical websire click here: http://commonplacebooks.com/welcome-to-night-vale/