“The Devil in the White City” is perfect mix of history and thrill

The year is 1893 and Daniel Burnham has just created America’s first world fair. The thriving city of Chicago is enjoying a time of prosperity and adventure, but what happens next is something no one, not even Burnham, is ready for. The Devil in the White City, a book by Eric Larson brings suspense and excitement. A true story of murder twists The Devil in the White City into a thrilling novel.

The book begins with true stories of Burnham in his hometown of Chicago. Chicago is rising from the ashes after the 1871 Chicago fire, and Burnham and his partner, John Root, are creating the first skyscrapers in Chicago.

After Chicago is picked to host the world fair, Burnham and Root are ordered to design a fair that will stun the world. A twist leaves Burnham alone with the enormous responsibility, but he still creates a fair that wows visitors.

The story then turns to Dr. H. H. Holmes, a student at the University of Michigan Medical School who steals bodies and covers up the people’s murders with stories. People are dying by the hundreds and Dr. Holmes is the prime suspect. Holmes purchases a large piece of property in Chicago which he used as a hotel during the fair, also known as his “Murder Castle”.

The story takes a turn and suddenly the book cannot be put down. The suspense keeps readers turning pages because it is based on a true story, which intensifies everything. It’s the perfect combination of history and murder. Although the beginning starts out a little slow, once it picks up it is one of those books you cannot put down. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys history or a good thriller.