iOS 7 arrives for iPhone users

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Its arrival was the most anticipated event since the birth of the royal baby, and when finally released, it was met with equal amounts of excitement: iOS 7, the upgrade designed for the iPhone 4 and above, is a complete revamp of the old iOS 6, and is unlike any system Apple has created before.

Beyond a sleek new appearance, the sharper colors and minimalist design of the iOS 7 accompany myriad new capabilities that make owning an iPhone that much more exciting.

The lock and home screens possess a new type of dimension called the ‘parallax effect’. When focusing on one part of the screen and moving the phone around, the background gives the appearance of moving with you, creating a 3D effect.  This can be a little disorientating at first, but is incredibly innovative all the same.

The new control center slides up from the bottom of the screen and allows users to perform all types of tasks with ease. From here one may access various useful tools with just the tap of an icon. Users can use their phone’s ‘flashlight’, adjust brightness and volume, and turn WiFi on and off all in one task-efficient place, thus saving time and energy.

Altogether, iOS 7 appears to be going for a more user-friendly feel, with everything that one could possibly need available from the home screen. A more advanced version of the old ‘double-tap to kill apps’ tool allows mini versions of the apps themselves to appear on the screen. From here all users must do is swipe up the apps they want to stop running—which in turn saves battery— and click on any ones they may want to use. Swiping down from the home screen shows the new notification center, complete with a section for ‘today’s’, ‘new’, and ‘missed’ notifications.

Some Internet reviews indicate mixed feelings on the change; ABC reported that some users find the altered set-up quite a bit jarring. However, many iPhones users are taking a liking to the new system. Emily Koons (12) is one of them.

“I think it’s a great upgrade. I love the new format of the messaging… Now you can see all the times you sent your messages. Everything’s really cool, the new backgrounds are nice, the ringtones are fun too,” Koons said.

Last but not least, in case anyone was getting fed up listening to Siri’s fem-bot tone, the upgrade also comes with a new male voice one may program Siri to use. Seems like they have pretty much thought of everything, right?

To install iOS 7, simply go to Settings, then General, then Software Update and hit “Install”. Be warned, though: the update takes quite a long time and saps battery life, so it’s best to have your phone plugged in and charging throughout the installation process.