OHS choir’s 20th annual Taste of Okemos


Abdel Mukhtar, Staff Reporter

The 20th annual Taste of Okemos choir fundraiser took place on Oct. 12 in the high school cafeteria. The fundraiser brought local restaurants from the Okemos area to set up shop and provide samples for anyone who came. Each restaurant had a table, the tables were set up in a square shape around the cafeteria walls.
When you walk up to each table, you’re greeted by a choir member. They take your ticket and put a mark on it representing that you’ve been to that table. You’re only allowed to go to each table once. The crowd that showed up was mainly Okemos parents with small pockets of students. The room was filled with constant moving and chatting with brief moments of rest.
While eating your food, you could hear a live performer playing the piano and singing popular pop songs. The mood of the environment didn’t fit the performance. The singer was great, but the piano was just slightly loud and not really relaxing. It made it harder for people to hear each other, and the speakers crackled sometimes, too.
The amount provided by each restaurant varied vastly. Grand Traverse City Pie Company provided the least amount. They only provided a tiny cup of about 2 ounces of apple pie, which was greatly disappointing. Ozzy’s Kabob was my favorite restaurant there, but they gave a child’s handful of rice on a tiny plate which shared space with grilled chicken. However, while some samplings were small, there were plenty of tables to fill you up. I expected to only be at Taste of Okemos for an hour, but I stayed for two and I still didn’t visit every table. I learned about a lot of new Okemos restaurants that I’ve never been to or heard of, but I was actually really disappointed with a lot of food. My grievances had nothing to do with the OHS choir or any of the staff rather the restaurants just didn’t seem like they brought what you’d get if you actually went to those places. It could have been that a lot of them don’t usually do take out food but Ozzy’s Kabob was one of few restaurants that tasted like the normal quality of the restaurant.
While I’m no culinary expert I think anyone could taste some of the samples weren’t sup par.
So was the 15 dollar entry fee worth it? Yes, the value of donating to the choir and having fun with family and friends was worth it. While some of the restaurants didn’t bring their A-game I was pleasantly surprised by some restaurants like Chapelure, which I’m definitely going to visit in my free time.
I would suggest visiting next year for the simple fact that it’s just uncanny to see your peers serve you food. It’s a goofy experience, to say the least. So if you have 15 bucks for a ticket and some free time, it’s an alright time.