Ever wonder how the prom theme is chosen?

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Ever wonder how the prom theme is chosen?

Gigi Padalec, Social Media Specialist

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Many people wonder “how does the prom theme get chosen?”

Well, I did some deep digging to figure out the answer to this question and the top secret information that went with it.

If you are an upperclassman and have been paying attention around the halls lately, the posters for the 2018 prom have been placed around school on the walls.

This year, prom will be held on Saturday, March 19th. The theme for this year’s prom is “Arabian Nights”.

Although many students do not pay much attention to the theme of prom, figuring out how they came up with the theme for the dance has always been a lingering question for many.

“Our themes are never really implemented at the dances so I wonder if this one will be or not, but it’s definitely going to be a really cool one if it’s done well,” Nishi Patel (12) said.

Implemented or not, the dance always has some followers of the theme.

The theme for prom has always been planned out by the junior class officers and Mrs. Harrod. The junior class officers work hard to make sure that there is a theme put into place for the dance. The theme was selected by the officers in late October of 2017.

“The prom themes are honestly chosen by looking at ideas online and ideas from other schools. We found multiple potential themes and just had to decide between them,” Abigail Dejene (11) said.

Some of the potential themes that were Great Gatsby, Mardi Gras, Oscars, and Paris.

“Originally, we thought of going with the Great Gatsby theme for the dance,” said Dejene, “ but after thinking it might be difficult for people to clearly see the theme, we decided to switch to Arabian Nights.”

No matter what the theme is, Prom is an opportunity to get together with friends and dance the night away.

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