Pops Orchestra formed at OHS


Pallash Mishra, Staff Reporter

In his junior year of high school, cellist Abdullah Hashsham was inspired by the Pops Orchestra at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. A Pops Orchestra is an orchestra that plays more popular works of music rather than the classical symphonies of more traditional orchestras.

“I saw the Umich pops orchestra and figured it would be fun to do that at the high school. It’s definitely different from classical music like we normally play in orchestra. Also, I enjoy playing in philharmonic but I missed the casual fun of concert orchestra. So that’s sort of what I wanted it to be. Plus by starting it now it might actually become something later on, like chamber orchestra was a few years ago.” Abdullah Hashsham (12) said.

The club was founded this year and began practicing during the end of the winter. This is the first ever Pops Orchestra at OHS and right off the bat its popularity was evident. Advertising the club during his orchestra classes and in the music wing made finding people who were interested in the club an easy task.

Unfortunately with the club being a new addition to the school, organizing and time management quickly became a problem that Abdullah and co. worked hard to overcome. In spite of all the struggles with finding time to practice consistently, the fledgling orchestra was able to learn three pieces and have a performance that took place on May 3rd during flex. The turnout was better than expected according to Abdullah.

“The turnout at the concert and the support it got was honestly astounding. I never expected that many people to want to be there, or to even want to be a part of it.”

People of all sorts came out to support the players and their hard work. I was one of those in attendance that day, and it was an enjoyable experience. If they had a chance to perform again this year I would definitely go. However with the year coming to a close and the club’s founder, Abdullah being a senior, the look for leadership to continue the program for next year is ongoing.

“I’m still looking at who wants to continue it. I just want to make sure that it continues in some shape or form” Abdullah said.

It is to be seen how the club will develop in coming years but for its first year, considering it a success would not be a misguided statement.