A look at 2018-2019 Journalism

Amaeka Effiong, Staff Reporter

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Next year the OHS Press will receive the blessing of a fresh batch of editors who are dedicated to making the paper exciting and successful.

The new Editors in Chief will be Sophie Alegi (11), Sophie Parks (11) and me, Amaeka Effiong (11).

As one of the editors, I felt it necessary to clear the air about the other editors I will be working against next year.

First of all, two out of three of the new Editors in Chief are named Sophie. Contrary to popular belief, there is one superior to the other. It is Sophie Alegi.

This is simply because Sophie Alegi is better than Sophie Parks in every possible way.

Sophie Parks is aware of this.

The other editor is there for diversity and that is all she brings to the table.

Another rumor about the new editors is that they are all women. That is not true, but I will not tell you which one is the imposter.

Now that that is out of the way, I would also like to give some insight as to how Journalism will be run next year, now that there will be a new teacher and new leaders.

First of all, we are eliminating the newspaper aspect of journalism.

Next year every staff member will recite all news and other stories out loud during every lunch period.

This idea was based on the fact the people keep not reading the newspaper.

I am also very excited to announce that the newsroom will be divided by social status this upcoming semester. That means us cool cats can finally work in peace without having nerds bothering us with their notebooks and glasses.

If you could not already tell by everything I have listed, the OHS Press will finally have some class. So next year I hope you stop, drop and read the paper!

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