Users upset over new Snapchat format

Users upset over new Snapchat format

Brandon Gordon, Staff Reporter

In the past month Snapchat, the popular messaging app for teens, completely redesigned the format of their app. Many users have expressed outrage over the new, clunky design.

Rachel Cohn, an avid Snapchat user over the years, hates it.

“It makes me not want to go on Snapchat anymore. The stories made it fun and now I can’t see any stories and I don’t know how to work so I just don’t go on it anymore,” Cohn (12) said.

Cohn has been an activist about it and has been trying to bring about change, but she thinks most of her efforts are being ignored.

“I already emailed snapchat and it didnt get changed. I heard if you keep emailing them it’ll get changed so I’ll just keep emailing them. If I was Kylie Jenner I could cause change,” Cohn said.

The update makes advertisements more visible, which causes many to speculate that the new format is motivated by the drive to make more money. Cohn doesn’t dwell on the why, but is blunt with her feelings,

“It’s stupid. You should ask Snapchat,” Cohn said.

Snapchat could not be reached for an interview.