Beloved cross country coach passes away

Beloved cross country coach passes away

G Sambaer, Sports Editor

John Quiring, known to many in the Okemos community as Coach Q, passed away on Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018, at age 75. Quiring was a graduate of University High and Michigan State.

At Okemos, he taught and coached for over thirty years. Coach Q built the cross country program up from nothing, winning 29 league titles, 20 regional titles, and a state championship in 1986.

Current cross country coach Brian Harrod credited Quiring to building up the program to where it is today.

“He got it started in the 70s back when there were only a handful of kids. He grew it to the point where it is today with over 100 kids in the program.”

Despite being out of coaching for seven years, Quiring was still a presence on the cross country team according to captain Paul McKinley (12).

“We really looked up to him,” McKinley said. “He was a really supportive figure and an inspiration to us.”

Coach Harrod said that Coach Q influenced him in more than just coaching.

“He was an amazing mentor,” Harrod said. “He taught everyone around him that relationships really mattered.”

McKinley is quite aware of the impact Coach Q had on the cross country team and Okemos athletics as a whole.

“Coach Q will be a figure that’s remembered for a long time,” McKinley said.