Best parks in Okemos

Cam Muzzall, Staff Reporter

Whether you’re trying to get a breath of fresh air or trying to act like your favorite president, Teddy Roosevelt, there is no escape like the great outdoors. There are plenty of great places to walk in Meridian Township. With over 900 acres of parks and almost 80 miles of bike paths, there is no shortage of places to go.

One of my favorite trails in Okemos is Ted Black Woods. Ted Black Woods feature many luxuries such as an open play area, picnic locations and a wetland overlook. It is a great trail to walk, due to its several trails all varying in length.

Another great park is Hartrick Park. Right next to the high school, this park provides lots of play space for children. There are lots of recreational activities that can be done there, such as soccer, baseball, softball, kickball or pretty much any game that uses a baseball diamond as its field. With its convenient location and its public restrooms, this is definitely a top notch Okemos park.

If you ever find yourself in desperate need of park, you may want to consider going to Wonch Park. This recently renovated park has amenities that are hard to pass up. A great path for biking: . A newly made gazebo: . A fun play structure for kids: . A volleyball court: ✔. This park is also great for skating due to its newly paved path. This is also a great park to go to if neighboring Ferguson Park is flooded, a surprisingly common occurrence.

While these are some of my favorite parks there are many others to choose from. To find a park near you go to