Golden Globes Recap


Megan Wiseman, Web Editor

The 75th annual Golden Globes was full of political jokes, women in black, and, arguably most important, Oprah. A few of the notable big screen winners include Lady Bird, Big Little Lies and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri; with the latter taking home a staggering 4 awards out of the 6 it was nominated for. But who was really watching for the awards?

With the recent assault scandals in Hollywood making news, it will come as no surprise to most that this was a hot topic during the night. On the red carpet, women were seen uniting in solidarity to support the ‘Time’s Up’ movement by cloaking themselves in black, and many men sported pocket squares brandishing the same message. Speeches were laden with this feminist message, and even Natalie Portman made a point to mention the inequality seen in the film industry. It is 2018, we can be adults and recognize that there are female directors, can’t we? Although the problem may never be completely rid of, the mass awareness of assault and the unequal treatment of women spreading within the past couple of months is astounding, and will undoubtedly push for reform.

Certain speeches were catching viewers’ attention throughout the show. African American actors have struggled for years to gain the same status as their Caucasian counterparts, and both Oprah Winfrey and This is Us star Sterling K. Brown was sure to make that known. Both had groundbreaking victories, with Winfrey being the first black woman to receive the Cecil B. Mille lifetime achievement award, and Brown the first black actor to be recognized as the best actor in a TV drama. Their acceptance speeches touched upon their struggles, and how it was an honor to be where they are today.

Winfrey’s message has already begun to reach viewers.

“I feel [Winfrey] is right…about not just being a woman who acts, but being an inspirational woman. Women are becoming powerful,” Jade Baerman (12) said.

The Golden Globes was among the first award shows of the season, and if this is any indication of what others will bring, the world can expect more. More speaking out, more strength in the face of oppression and struggle. No longer will anyone continue to be silenced. If there is anything to take from the night, it is that people across America should follow in these actors’ stead and stand up for what they believe. And, of course, go see some of these phenomenal films.