Beloved football coach resigns

Amaeka Effiong, Editor in Chief

The Okemos boys’ varsity football team has claimed numerous victories throughout the years. For over five years, the head coach Jack Wallace lead the team in the right direction; building their strength, skills, and teamwork.

Unfortunately, after ending a strong season in the fall of 2017, Coach Wallace’s time serving as the Okemos football varsity coach came to an end.

One of the varsity captains, Patrick Nugent (12), reveals his sadness regarding the issue.

“What Coach Wallace did went beyond football in that he taught us to grow up and become better men,” Nugent said. “I think it’s going to be hard for another coach to do that.”

Athletic Director Ira Childress is uncertain about the cause of Wallace’s resignation, but believes it may be just be a desire to move on.

“I think he just felt like it was time to do something else,” Childress said.

However, Nugent gives a different reason as to why Coach Wallace is leaving his position.

“He needs time to focus on his family right now,” Nugent says.

Regardless of the reason, it is obvious that he will be dearly missed as he was adored by his players and coworkers.

“It’s definitely kind of heartbreaking. I’ve been playing under him for four years now, and even in eighth grade we knew him really well,” Joe Singh (12) said. “He’s a strong father figure and role model in all of the football player’s lives.”

Childress expressed similar emotions to those of the students who played on Wallace’s team.

“I’m going to miss Jack, I think he is a really good coach and a good person. I feel like he really cared about our football student athletes and he did a really good job for us,” Childress said.

As the Okemos football players and coaches prepare for next year’s season, administration has already taken steps in searching for a new varsity football coach.

“The job is posted,” Childress said. “We haven’t started the interview process. That won’t start for another couple weeks, but the job is posted right now.”

Although he will be replaced, Wallace will always be a part of the Okemos family and remain in the hearts of the students that he coached and so greatly impacted.