OHS Orchestras Trek to Germany for Spring Break

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OHS Orchestras Trek to Germany for Spring Break

Maddie Suhrheinrich, Staff Reporter

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During Spring Break, many orchestra students flew across the sea to Germany. After an 8 hour flight, students were welcomed by their host families at a local school.

Students, like Trinity Kelly (10) have been looking forward to and preparing for this trip for a long time.

“I’ve been waiting for this trip since fifth grade and have been advancing my music career up to this point,” Kelly said.

Prior to a combined concert, both American and German students rehearsed together to ensure a successful show.

Danny Lee (11) found the performance to be rewarding for everyone involved.

“Performing for the Germans was a very special experience and I could tell that they really appreciated [our performance],” Lee said.

Students enjoyed performing in a different setting with a unique audience.

“I really liked playing with the collective orchestra, as well for the Germans,” Kelly said.

In addition to sharing their musical abilities, students travelled through a variety of cities, allowing them to learn about German culture.

Jessica Yang (11) enjoyed the different of experiences the trip provided.

“We had a bus and riverboat tour in Berlin, went Heidelberg Castle and visited Trier, which is the oldest city in Germany,” Yang said.

In addition to Germany, students travelled to France and Luxembourg.

Overall, students found this trip to be a unique and satisfactory experience.

“It was rewarding to learn about German culture first hand, through host families as well as large and small group excursions,” Kelly said. “Advancing our musical ability and experiences playing in unique places was [fulfilling].”

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