Staffer Reviews Local BBQ Joint

Ben Hopper, Editor-in-Chief

In the heart of Old Town Lansing lies one of the city’s strongest ties to southern cookery, Meat Southern B.B.Q. and Carnivore Cuisine.

Food smoked for hours, endless sauce variety and one of the best decorated restaurants in Lansing makes Meat the place to eat.

I have been to Meat several times, but I had to go twice more because the first few times the food was so good it put me in a coma.

On my first return visit I indulged on a large platter of nachos smothered in everything you could possibly ask for. Everything I could possibly ask for is pork, brisket, bacon, cheese, sour cream, avocado and jalapenos– just thinking about the savory aroma makes me hungry. Every single bite transported me to a better place and time. Seriously, I’d consider giving up my future first-born for another tray.

On my last voyage to Meat I ordered their ever-so-hyped-up brisket.

The brisket, like all of their meats, was slow-smoked for 18 hours. If KFC is finger lickin’ good, this was narcotic. Each and every brisket bite was cooked to perfection; you can even slather any or all of several house sauces on your meal if you choose to do so.

The brisket was not even slightly bland, but is served with two sides and a slice of cornbread anyway. I am not exaggerating here: the cornbread is worth dying for. Side options include mac-n-cheese, sweet & tangy slaw, French fries and some others, but I highly recommend the BBQ pit beans and the spicy cream corn.

Clearly this place isn’t for herbivores, but if you are indeed a vegetarian, vegan or any other type of non-meat eater, just know that there are still food options for you. Meat kindly offers Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and an assortment of other fun options for you to dine on.

On a more serious note, there are usually lines between five and seven so leave early or eat late.

I would recommend giving Meat a shotunless you frequently eat meat from fast-food restaurants—in that case, eating Meat will ruin your fast-food forever.