How to De-Stress After Finals

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How to De-Stress After Finals

Hawraa Alsaedi, Staff Reporter

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Finals have taken a heavy toll on all of us. Distressing from studying, or heavy cramming, can be hard after weeks of anxiety and constant stress. Here are some things to do to feel better after that week from hell

  1. Rest-take as many naps as possible and try to get at least eight hours at night.
  2. Listen to your favorite music, something I’m always doing but a good tune can drastically change your mood. So go ahead and scream your favorite song in car, no judgement here.
  3. Use a diffuser- I have one with peppermint essential oil which makes my room smell fresh and so cozy. Or you can burn your favorite candle and just relax but don’t underestimate the power of aromatherapy.
  4. Eat your favorite foods-even some junk food because you deserve it.
  5. Cleaning can also help you feel as if you had a handle on your life. I don’t usually clean my room but when I do, I feel really accomplished so try it out.
  6. Exercise-many find a good workout get rids of the restlessness of constant stress and worrying. So go for a run if the weather is nice or find an at home exercise video, no gym membership needed!