Dementia Rates Dropping Like it’s Hot

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Dementia Rates Dropping Like it’s Hot

Annie Barker, Copy Editor

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In a recent study it was found that Dementia rates are going down.

Dementia is a disease that causes memory loss and a range of other varying symptoms, but ultimately slows down motor skills.

In a recent study conducted by JAMA International Medicine, out of 21,000 adults 65 or older, the percentage of those dealing with Dementia has dropped from 11.6% in 2000 to 8.8% in 2012.

This is particularly significant as the group of Baby Boomers, those born in 1946-1964, are starting to come of retiring age. That’s about 76 million people in the United States, which means that around “1 million fewer people are suffering” according to CNN.  Europe is also seeing a similar pattern.

The prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease, the third most common form of Dementia, has also decreased, but the numbers are not significant enough.

The reasons for why the rates are dropping is unclear. However, this is most likely to be short lived as the population continues to age. Although this decrease is good news, there can still be more done to further decrease the numbers.

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