Leave Kim K. Alone

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Leave Kim K. Alone

Allison Murray, Staff Reporter

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October 3rd Kim Kardashian resided at the l’Hôtel Pourtales where her husband Kanye West is a semi-permanent resident.

After being left feeling safe and secure in her room by her bodyguard Pascal Duvier, Kardashian headed off to bed wearing only her bathrobe.

The five robbers were let into Kardashian’s room by a handcuffed concierge.

Upon entering, the robbers awoke Kardashian, held her at gunpoint, tied her hands together with plastic ties, gagged her with duct tape wrapped around her head and locked her in the bathroom.

Kardashian was eventually able to escape by wriggling her hands out of the ties and screaming for help off of her balcony.

While some fans have been supportive of the Kardashian-West family, offering their sympathy, others have been belittling the traumatizing events.

Wild accusations such as a staged robbery to boost publicity, Kardashian knowing her attackers, Taylor Swift’s involvement and a distraction made by Donald Trump to draw attention away from his tax scandals have been made.

Khloe Kardashian has been the first of the family to break silence on the issue, saying Kim is “not doing that well” after her attack.

While the assumption can be made that by this point in time Kim Kardashian is used to having a majority of her personal life exposed internationally, it is absurd to make light of or belittle the horrific events that took place in her hotel room.

Being in only a bathrobe at the time of the attack, it is likely Kardashian feared the possibility of sexual assault.While no reports of such instances have been made, we have no idea what thoughts could have been going through Kardashians mind, therefore we have no right to disparage her experience.

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