Whole Foods or whole paycheck?

Sami Luke, Managing Editor

Whole Foods recently opened in East Lansing and it has been buzzing ever since. While visitors are attracted to the gelato counter, salad bar and fresh produce, some of the prices are enough to send shoppers running for the hills (or to apply for a second job). Here are some of the various costly items Whole Foods offers.

  1. Please tell me why this 32 oz drink is $11.99? There is no way that cold pressed bartlett, pear, broccoli, cucumber, kale, lemon, parsley, pineapple and spinach is worth $11.99.
  2. Splurging on ice cream for me is a pint of Ben and Jerry’s or Haägen Daz which usually comes in at $4-6. Although, the Jeni’s flavors sound delicious, I refuse to drop $9.99 for a single pint of ice cream.
  3. While at Whole Foods, I came across their selection of protein powders and other healthy powders. While most of them were reasonably priced, this “Spirulina Powder” blew me away because it is $39.99 a pound.
  4. I do not even eat meat. However, I know enough to come to the conclusion that $29.99 a pound for a pound of fish is outrageous. This was the most expensive meat there. It must be some amazing fish!  
  5. Last but not least we have dog food. For the unreasonable price of $94.99 a person can buy ten pounds of “Grain Free Turkey Recipe” dehydrated dog food. I personally think that this is the most unreasonable, who would spend $94.99 on dog food?