Fine Arts department prepares for performance-filled week

Graphic Credit Melinda Barcelon

Melinda Barcelon

Graphic Credit Melinda Barcelon

Kalina Hertafeld, Staff Reporter

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Our walls are being slowly covered with student’s art and the Fine Arts wing is gearing up for a busy week. There are performances of some kind every evening from Tuesday, March 15 until Saturday, March 19.


Tuesday 3/15- Cabaret

The choir program kicks off the week with their Cabaret Concert. This is a concert mainly comprised of solo performances of songs that students have chosen and auditioned. The song performances consist of everything from show tunes to Elton John to Justin Bieber, and show off the unique voices of the choir students. Collage is at 7:30 in the OHS auditorium.


Wednesday 3/16- Jazz Night

If you’re feeling Jazzy, this is the concert for you. The High school Jazz band, Jazz ensemble, and the Chippewa Jazz band will be playing at this lively concert. Jazz night is at 7:30 in the Chippewa Middle School Auditorium.


Thursday 3/17- Chippewa Night

Chippewa night is a concert at Chippewa that shows off the middle school fine arts programs. Sort of like a mini collage concert, the evening will feature choir, band, and orchestra. Chippewa night is at 7:30 in the OHS auditorium.   


Friday 3/18- Senior Showcase

Senior Showcase presents an opportunity for Seniors in choir, band, or orchestra to perform classical solo pieces. Senior Showcase is a pretty new tradition, this being its second year as a part of fine arts week. Senior showcase is at 7:30 in the OHS auditorium.


Saturday 3/19- Collage

Collage Concert features performances from all of the music programs. What sets Collage apart from other concerts and gives it its name is that there are seamless transitions from act to act, with no applause in between. This makes for a fact-paced, smooth concert experience. Collage is at 7:30 in the OHS auditorium.

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