Repair work scheduled for Okemos Road bridge

Photo Courtesy Lansing State Journal

Photo Courtesy Lansing State Journal

Melinda Barcelon, Staff Reporter

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The repair work for the southbound Okemos Road bridge outer lane that has been closed since last fall is now scheduled for Mar. 14, 2016.

Engineering, contract and plan preparation, and bid-letting (taking competitive bids or costs from contractors to do the repair work) for the repair work have been occurring while the outer southbound lane on the bridge has been closed,” William Conklin, manager of the Ingham County Road Department, said.

The main problem was the underlying deteriorated beams due to heavy truck traffic in the outer lane. According to the Ingham County Road Department, Grand River Construction Inc. in Hudsonville, MI has been awarded $250,000 to repair the bridge.

“The contractor will then repair or replace deteriorated structural parts of the bridge and do further work to seal joints and forestall further deterioration in the future,” Conklin said.

Some students have felt that it has not altered their commute drastically.

“I haven’t had any major inconveniences with that route. People can just take alternate routes to avoid it,” Larry Chen (12) said.

The completion of the repair work of the bridge is expected to be by early June 2016.  

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