Rihanna’s latest album impresses Staff Reporter


Photo Courtesy vanityfair.com

Glorianne Francavilla, Staff Reporter

On January 28th, Barbadian artist Rihanna released her eighth album, ANTI. Her contemporary R&B album features thirteen songs. Her album emphasizes her strong vocals and ability to play around with different genres, while still keeping her signature sound. Unlike some of Rihanna’s other albums, she has writing credits on every song except “Same Ol’ Mistakes”, making this the most original album yet.

Consideration (feat. SZA)

This song is about Rihanna’s music career. She wants to be considered an artist not an entertainer. She wants to be respected as a talented artist. “Consideration” features a very loud R&B beat that helps assert her power to help her prove her point.

James Joint

A much more mellow song about marijuana that she recorded in celebration on 4/20. It is only a 1:20 minute long interlude.

Kiss It Better

One of her more Pop-y songs from the album with a catchy chorus. Not a bad song but a little boring for me.

Work (feat. Drake)

Ah yes, another adorable Rihanna-Drake collaboration. Rihanna uses Jamaican Patois throughout, that’s why it doesn’t sound like English. I like this song but definitely played too much to the point where it is annoying to hear.


One of my favorite songs in ANTI. It asserts dominance and power and explores alternative and edgy R&B Rihanna. “Desperado” will get stuck in my head for days and I do not mind one bit.


Featuring Rihanna’s rumored ex, Travis Scott, “Woo” is a dark breakup track. The lyrics in this song are well thought out and powerful. Definitely a powerful song.

Needed Me

We needed this song. Females need this 3 minutes and 12 seconds of female empowerment accompanied by the synth beats created by DJ mustard. Rihanna slays yet again.