“The Witch” boosts horror genre’s reputation


Photo Courtesy ihavesolved.com

Johnny Mocny, Entertainment Editor

The horror genre has been getting flack for almost twenty years.

So far, it has been the red headed step-child of the movie industry. Often written off as poorly made schlock, horror films have not been helped by recent remakes and “Paranormal Activity” sequels. Luckily, writer and director Thomas Eggers has come up with a new film that truly feels unsettling and creepy.
“The Witch” is a solid psychological thriller in the vein of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”. Besides being a technically extravagant film with beautiful cinematography and fine performances, it’s a legitimately scary movie that doesn’t rely on cheap jump scares and gore.
The film does notstart off at exactly a break neck pace. It takes about a half hour, but once it gets running it doesn’t stop. The main family in the movie is being terrorized by an unknown source, and the heartbreak and unsettling lack of trust amongst them is gravely felt and creates a significantly dark aura around the events.

At one point in the film, I became fully aware of what kind of film this was, but was proven wrong right afterward. There’s no telling just how far it’s willing to go, and it is an eery feeling.
I genuinely felt violated when it was over. I took two showers afterward. It’s that effective.
I highly recommend this magnificent display of filmmaking.