Local restaurants offer varying vegetarian, vegan options


Glorianne Francavilla

Photo by Glorianne Francavilla

Glorianne Francavilla, Staff Reporter

  1. Maru Sushi and Grill

This restaurant is a favorite for both meat-eaters and vegans, so one does not need to worry about meat eaters being upset about the restaurant choice. Their menu offers special vegetarian and vegan friendly rolls. Unlike most other sushi restaurants, the vegetarian rolls are much bigger and they have more variety. One of my favorite rolls is the Boogie Veggie, made with  radish sprouts, cucumber, avocado, asparagus, kampyo, topped with tempura fried sweet potato with maru dressing. If you are vegan, just ask for the maru dressing on the side.

2. Ozzy’s Kabob

Lebanese traditionally contains few animal bi-products, making it vegan friendly. The menu is easily color coded green for their vegetarian/vegan options. Ozzy’s is affordable, fresh, filling, and delicious.


3. Pancheros

Not normally thought of as a veg friendly chain, they do actually cater face-size burritos to non meat eaters. As a vegan, my burrito would consist of: rice, beans, tofu, grilled veggies, salsa(like pico de gallo and verdes sauce), guac, and a sprinkle of lettuce. Vegetarians can add cheese and sour cream if desired. I am usually not a fan of tofu, but I do enjoy Pancheros’ tofu, they season it to perfection and the texture is not mushy at all.


4. Lucky House Chinese Restaurant

Lucky House offers most of their dishes with a vegetable and tofu option. My favorites are vegetable Chow mein, vegetable Chop suey, and Ma Po Tofu.


5.  Swagath Indian Cuisine

Almost half of Swagath’s menu is vegetarian entrees, along with many side dishes and naan bread options to choose from. If you eat vegan, look for the vegetarian entrees without yogurt, cream or cheese in the description like Aloo Gobi and Okra Masala.