The Revenant pleases viewers with stellar acting and impressive film-making

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The Revenant pleases viewers with stellar acting and impressive film-making

Johnny Mocny, Entertainment Editor

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Poor Leo.

It has become a bit of a tradition for him to take a leap for that Oscar, and every year he has to nod and clap for someone else.

In his 2015 Oscar attempt, he teamed with Alejandro González Iñárritu, the mind behind 2014’s Birdman, to bring us The Revenant, the true-ish story of legendary frontiersman Hugh Glass, who was left for dead after a bear mauling and set out into the wilderness for revenge.

I will say right off the bat, that yes, Leonardo DiCaprio definitely deserves the trophy for this one. Will he win it? Maybe, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that he once again gave a gut-wrenching performance that will gladly pile up with the other great roles on his resume. He barely speaks in the film, but every single nuance, scream, facial expression, and grunt does wonders for the character of Hugh Glass.

In contrast, Tom Hardy plays a magnificent villain.

Even though he still seems to struggle with an American accent, he plays a careless murderer and traitor very well, even incorporating a little bit of comic zest. All of the supporting roles are very good actually, namely Domhnall Gleeson, hot off of Ex Machina and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Will Poulter, happily shrugging off The Maze Runner.

Now, the single most important reason why you should see this movie: the film-making.

Few directors show as much talent as Iñárritu, who knocks it out of the park with beautiful landscape shots of snowy wilderness and long tracking shots of both scenery and gritty combat. The CGI is seamless, shown miraculously in the bear attack scene, which looked as genuine as it possibly could, and kept me grimacing the whole time. Iñárritu perfectly keeps The Revenant in that limbo between arthouse Oscar bait and awesome frontier action movie.

As this epic adventure drama came to a close, I have to say I was very satisfied. Few people can match the amount of exhaustive talent put on the screen, and few performers can match the determination of DiCaprio.

For people who are willing to spend two-and-a-half hours in a theater, I highly recommend The Revenant.