Netflix crime documentary uncovers flawed legal system


Photo Courtesy Dear Zachary

Brianna Muzzall, Business Manager

In a time where crime documentaries are becoming more and more present in our culture, one of the most shocking and heartbreaking cases takes place in Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son about his Father.

In Nov. of 2001, Andrew Bagby was murdered by his ex-girlfriend Shirley Turner. When Turner learned she was a suspect in the murder, she fled to her home of Newfoundland, Canada. The documentary tells the story of the extradition process along with interviews from Bagby’s family and friends.

After the filming began, a shocking twist came to light– Shirley Turner was pregnant. In an attempt to gain custody of the baby, Bagby’s parents moved to Newfoundland and fought tooth and nail to see the child, who Turner named Zachary. The story of the Bagbys ordeal is filled with twists and turns that one must watch to truly grasp.

Dear Zachary brings out every emotion possible, from happiness to the deepest joy and anger at the legal procedures in the case. The editing, music and general feel of the film grabs the viewer in and when it finally ends, the problems in our legal system are painfully obvious and devastating.

The film also works as a love letter to Andrew Bagby from his closest friend, director Kurt Kuenne.

Kuenne travels around the world, to England and across the entire United States, collecting interviews, home movies and memories from all of the people whose lives were changed by Bagby. The movie becomes a way for Zachary to meet his father, and all of the people who loved him, all at once.

If desperate for more true crime drama after binging To Make a Murderer, Dear Zachary: a letter to a Son about his Father is one of the most well crafted, shocking documentaries out there. The documentary is available on Netflix.