Top five book picks of 2015 by Staff Reporter Lexie Yates

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Lexie Yates, Staff Reporter

In 2015, millions of quality books were produced. From sci-fi to thriller and biography to romance, books of varied subjects filled the shelves’ of libraries and stores. Here are some of 2015’s best reads.

Clarity by Loretta Lost


Clarity is one of a four book series. The first book is about the introduction of Helen Winters and how she adapted to her life without ever having vision, she was born blind. After a horrible traumatic experience, Helen secludes herself away from the town she grew up in, away from her family, and away from the memories. She moves into a cabin far into the woods where no one would look for her.  That is, before a doctor offering her vision back to her shows up at her doorstep.

A Story Of A Girl by Sara Zarr


After getting caught in the back of a pickup truck with one of her older brothers best friend when she was 13, Deanna Lambert’s life changes dramatically. She didn’t care for him, she didn’t even love him. She only wanted to be loved herself. With the reputation of the “school slut” lying on her shoulders, school becomes a struggle for Deanna and making friends isn’t as easy anymore. Dealing with school, trying to help her brother raise her niece in their basement, and dealing with a father who resents her, Deanna tries to get her life back together.

Twist Me by Anna Zaires


The dark erotic story of Nora Leston begins with wondering if she’ll ever be his. The most popular guy in school, and the quarterback of the football team. She almost has him, almost finishes sharing her first kiss with him before everything goes black. Waking up in a strange place, on a stranger’s bed, and unaware of anything going on around her, Nora realizes she wasn’t in the park where she was last seen with Jake last night. The implausible truth dawns on her as the door opens. Nora was kidnapped but the worst part, she realizes he wants her more than just as his captor.

Heart Of A Champion by Carl Deuker


Based on a true story, Jimmy Winter was born to be on the baseball diamond, he was a natural and planned his whole childhood making it to the major leagues. Seth Barnam on the other hand had to work for it. With his dad dead and his mom trying to be the best support she can, Seth learns the game. Seth and Jimmy’s friendship was only the friendship everyone dreams of having one day. Until one day Seth’s reality of a major loss finds him. As author Carl Deuker puts it, Seth has to “find his own personal strength-on and off the field”.


The Girl in Between by Laekan Zea Kemp
Bryn Reyes is equivalent to the human version of Sleeping Beauty, literally. Klein-Levin Syndrome prevents Bryn from waking up at normal times like a normal person. She sleeps days, weeks and even months away from her life…But where does she go when she’s not in reality? Her memories are the places she travels to in her sleep. She’s comforted by all the surroundings of familiar things until one day and unfamiliar face appears in her prolonged sleep. This isn’t the only weird thing going on in Bryn’s life. Her syndrome is getting worse and she begins hallucinating reality when she awakes from her sleep. Her only hope is to be a test rat in an experimental treatment.