Staff Reporter picks top albums of 2015

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Glorianne Francavilla, Staff Reporter

2015 was a big year for music. For some artists, this year was their big break– for others, it was a chance to live up to the reputations they already created. Below is a compilation of the ten albums that made 2015 a bumpin’ year.


  1. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late -Drake

With Drake’s sweet story telling lyrics and mesmerizing beats, this album is easily the best from 2015. His 17 tracks all have their own individual twist, however all blend together perfectly. Drake doesn’t try to assert his power and fame as a rapper, rather he just tells his story and lets the rest just happen.


  1. Sound & Color -Alabama Shakes

Sound & Color shows us the depth of the Alabama Shakes, they delivered an album with more fierceness and sexiness then any of their previous records. Brittany Howard and her instrumentalists aren’t afraid to mix R&B, soul, and rock together to create a new sound unique to the Alabama Shakes. Lose yourself in this musical masterpiece.


  1. Currents -Tame Impala  

This psychedelic pop/rock album is unlike any other music before. Each song provides a trippy and insightful experience, with the help of Kevin Parker’s lyrics. Tame Impala’s albums are written around Parker’s withdrawal from society and his coping of the ending of his past relationships.    


  1. AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP -A$AP Rocky

A$AP departs from earlier albums he has released and embraces a new kind of mash-up hip hop/ rap. He collabs with a wide variety, from Kanye to Joe Fox. A$AP even added a jingle from a 60’s christmas tune. His psychedelic hip hop is pleasing to the ear and definitely the best hip hop of the year.   


  1. To Pimp a Butterfly-Kendrick Lamar

Unlike any other Kendrick Lamar’s albums, this one blends rap with more jazz improv. With more upbeat songs like “King Kunta” and jazzy “Hood Politics”, he has transformed traditional rap. He tells us the truth of what it’s like to live in America as a 21st century African American, weather or not you agree, give To Pimp a Butterfly a listen.