Girls in Coding club to hold first meeting in January

Photo courtesy Google Images

Photo courtesy Google Images

Melinda Barcelon, Staff Reporter

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A new upcoming club will be hosted by MSU students: Girls in Coding.

The main goal of this club is to foster an interest in computer science for female students.

No prior knowledge of programming is necessary; however, females from a variety of background experience in computer science can learn from this club. Each meeting will be structured like a workshop with personalized guidance from the MSU students.

“They’re trying to get more women to get into coding, so they’re coming to schools to help encourage that,” Nicole Verboncoeur (11).

Meetings are planned to be every week or every other week once the club starts.

“I do [have an interest in programming]. It is where I’m planning on going right now,” Verboncoeur said.

Any girl with an interest in coding and programming can join.

The first meeting will take place in January after break.

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