Exchange student Lisa Shcherbakova tries unusual American food

Lisa Shcherbakova, Staff Reporter

Most foreigners coming to the United States sometimes get a small shock after visiting their local supermarket. As an exchange student from Ukraine, I know this to be true. Getting lost among the endless stalls packed with dozens of the unbelievable kinds of products makes a simple trip to the grocery store an adventure. It might seem scary at first, but trying everything one buys is even more thrilling. Here are some of the weirdest American product (for a European).


  1. Mint Chocolate

      Mint, typically associated with tea and gum in Europe, is often a popular thing to come with chocolate in the United States. Mint Oreos, Mint Chocolate Chip Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Junior Mints, Pearson’s Mint Chocolate Patties and many other minty-chocolate treats took some time to get used to. The unusual taste of peppermint gum and chocolate is what comes to mind when tasting it for the first time. However, Mint Andes are already on my list of favorite treats to take back home.


  1. Caramel Apples

Originally born in the U.S., caramel apples are always a fun treat for foreigners to try. Fancy looking, with a bit weird but definitely not bad taste, this delicacy is beloved in America– rightfully so. Although, for those who have never tried them before, this fruity special poured with double layer of sugar and sprinkled with nuts will be a truly unique experience.


  1. Cottage cheese

When a bowl of American cottage cheese on the table in front of you, it is good to know that it is salty before you add a big spoon of honey to it. This might ruin the conception of sweet cottage cheese with fruits and sugar that Europeans are used to having. I was surprised when I found out that cottage cheese in America is used when cooking lasagna and making sandwiches.


  1. Peanut Butter

American Peanut butter is a serious opponent of European Nutella, which appears to be not very popular here. Even though many people expect it to be sweet, peanut butter actually has a slight salty aftertaste. That is why a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a mind-blowing combination of sugar and salt for people not familiar with American cuisine traditions. It is not easy to accept the fact that this American spread can go with vegetables and even cheese as well as with chocolate or honey.


  5.Canned cheese

Even though the big letters on the package insistently say it is cheese, I have found that the taste of this unusual canned American invention is not quite similar to the taste of a real wheel of cheese. Some companies like Easy Cheese and Cheeze-it make it look like spray creme, which is not an easy fact to fit in many devoted cheese lover’s minds. However, this thing is not that bad when it comes with macaroni and cheese.


  1. Root beer floats

Root beer floats are a staple American treat. However, not everyone can get behind the idea of an ice cream ball floating on the surface of soda. This beverage is for definitely for the more adventurous foreigners.