Wharton Center’s “Dirty Dancing” leaves audience impressed


Photo credit Lexie Yates

Lexie Yates, Staff Reporter

The Wharton Center in East Lansing recently produced “Dirty Dancing, the Classic Story on Stage,” and I had the privilege of seeing the Broadway production.

Being that Dirty Dancing has been my favorite movie since I was three, I enjoyed it very much. However, there were a few nit-picky things that disappointed me.

Jenny Winton, who played the role of Penny, was absolutely phenomenal and her dancing was incredible. Gillian Abbott, who went on stage as Baby, or Francis, slightly was less up to satisfaction because she made Baby more awkward than Baby seemed in the movie.

In the movie, Baby was this awkward girl who fell in love with Johnny through dancing. Through this romance, she learned to be less awkward and she also became a better dancer. Abbott seemed stiff and off key while dancing, and this resulted in an okay performance. Christopher Tierney, who played Johnny Castle, blew my mind. Patrick Swayze plays Castle in the film adaption, but Tierney gave him a run for his money.

For the movie, I was “crazy for Swayze,” and during the play, I was blown away by Tierney. Overall, the play was stunning, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. The producers didn’t leave out any scenes from the movie, but they did add a few things. If Dirty Dancing comes back to the Wharton Center, I will happily buy another ticket to go see a round two, and I suggest all you 80’s and 60’s lovers buy one as well.

I certainly had the time of my life.