Staffer impressed with up-and-coming artist Halsey

Kalina Hertafeld, Staff Reporter

Halsey, a young female singer/songwriter storms the music scene with her first full length alt-pop album, Badlands.

Halsey’s cool alternative sound is reminiscent of Lorde, with a bit more attitude, and her latest releases have become my go-to driving at night music.

A cool and dark sound weaves it’s way through the album, setting Halsey apart from other female solo artists. Badlands opens with “Castle”, a mysterious track with a chill beat that sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The album’s third track, “New Americana” has become something of a hit, and serves as an anthem of the young. It speaks to the wild souls of our generation, and makes the listener feel like rolling the windows and cranking it up loud.

Halsey’s lyrics are refreshingly poetic with a common theme of young rebellion, relationships, and real, personal emotion.

Badlands also presents some of the downfalls of modern society and the insecurities we all face. The track “Drive” illustrates people’s tendency to not speak their minds, and hide all of their true feelings.

These raw lyrics make for a relatable and captivating listening experience.

The normal album closes with “Ghost”, a catchy and frank tune about a bad boy.

The deluxe version of the album is far more extensive, but either will satisfy.

I believe this album is the beginning of a star, and that we could quite possibly be hearing a lot more from this spunky artist in the future.