Alt-J’s new album satisfies fans


Liz Mack

One of Alt-J's new songs, "Pusher".

Liz Mack, Web Editor

Guitar riffs and electronic vibes commingle in alt-J’s “This Is All Yours” to create a seductive album that fits autumn better than an oversized sweater and pumpkin spice latte.

Originating in Leeds, England, the quartet known as alt-J consists of guitarist and bassist Gwil Sainsbury, guitarist and lead singer Joe Newman, keyboardist and vocalist Gus Unger-Hamilton and drummer Thom Green.

“Dissolve Me” was my first exposure to alt-J. Since then I have listened to the band on and off, but in the past few months the group has become my favorite band. Their sound is the lovechild of traditional instrument harmonies and electronic symphonies, an exceptional metaphorical child to say the least.

On this album, the genre-bending band creates sounds unlike any I have come across before. The 14-track album features vibrant synthesizing and enchanting vocals, just sensual enough that grandma will not have to turn her hearing aid off.

The variety in songs is commendable; the band goes from rocking out with “Left Hand Free” to slow tranquil tracks like “Lovely Day.” They even, surprisingly enough, sample Miley Cyrus in the chorus of “Hunger Of The Pine.”

For as good as the beats on this album are, the lyrics fell short. Although the vocalists’ dulcet tones are so soothing that listeners might cease to pay attention to the words, they are there, and they are not pretty.

Some songs, specifically “Every Other Freckle”, have admirable lyrics. The vast majority of the lyrics are fluff, as if the group assumed the tunes of the songs were fulfilling on their own. However, in the artists’ defense, that is an accurate assumption for the most part.

Although “This Is All Yours” does not have as many outstanding hits as alt-J’s first album, “An Awesome Wave”, it is better as a whole. The album is commanding; it takes a cerebral approach to music; the songs play with your head and leave you wondering how such complex melodies can come from a three minute song. My top picks on this album are “Every Other Freckle,” “Bloodflood pt.II”, and “Hunger Of The Pine”.

My all-time favorite will always be “Taro” from “An Awesome Wave,”

Stars will not burn out and the sun will not explode because of “This Is All Yours”,but anyone who has the pleasure of listening to it will discover a mesmerizing world.