Rapper Danny Brown blows audience away

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On April 22, Detroit-born rap artist, Danny Brown performed at the Loft, one of Lansing’s most popular concert venues.

Brown’s music is often classified under “progressive-rap” with its synthesized beats and lyrics dealing with themes absolutely not meant for children’s ears.

With its gritty appearance and reasonably inexpensive ticket prices, the Loft has one of the best concert atmospheres around. Unfortunately, it has limited standing space, and for an artist like Danny Brown, the place was crowded.

Lucki Eck$ and ZelooperZ, Brown’s opening acts, were frankly a bit of bore; neither possessed a particularly unique sound and thus did not elicit much of a response from the audience. After their performances, the crowd was forced to wait about 20 minutes for the main act to show up, a time during which a DJ played popular rap songs in attempt to quell their impatience.

When Brown finally did come on stage, it was clear the wait was worthwhile. His presence was highly engaging, and soon enough concert-goers were flocking the stage trying to get closer to the performer. Brown was sure to interact with his crowd, often addressing us directly and pointing his microphone outward to allow the audience to finish portions of song lyrics.

At the end of the night, Brown gave an explosive finale with one of his most popular hits, the song Kush Coma, and left his crowd feeling energized and excited.

Though Danny Brown remains a fairly obscure member of the rap world, his music would surely be enjoyed by those who listen to Schoolboy Q, Tyler, the Creator and Childish Gambino. He can be followed on Instagram and Twitter @xdannyxbrownx.

Brown’s music can be discovered on Spotify, Youtube and iTunes. The artist is currently on tour promoting his latest album, Old, which was released in 2013.