Band Aer made up for lackluster opening act

Band Aer performs at Blind Pig in Ann Arbor

Liz Mack

Band Aer performs at Blind Pig in Ann Arbor

On April 13, rap/indie rock duo with the occasional reggae vibe, Aer, rocked out at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor.

The group consists of  Massachusetts natives David von Mering and Carter Schultz, who have released three albums together thus far.

Opening up for Aer was DJ Smiles, who performed electronic remixes of popular songs while the crowd danced to the beats. Followed by him was Ground Up, a native Philadelphia rap trio I had not heard of prior to the concert. The trio made it entirely evident through shallow song lyrics that they have equally shallow minds, only professing their love for marijuana and women. The stage was cleared and Aer came on, singing their popular song “Floats My Boat” as the crowd erupted in noise.

For a relatively unknown group, the crowd for the concert was surprisingly large. The Blind Pig was almost completely full. My friends and I were front row, and it was exciting to see how energized von Mering and Schultz were during the performance. They had a great onstage presence and were able to keep the crowd entertained and lively throughout every song, even the slower ones.

They performed a lot of their more recent music, but also did some of their old songs, which I was pleased about. About halfway through their set, von Mering went behind the stage and got a guitar which he played for the rest of the concert while Schultz rapped. Their combination of smooth guitar riffs and rapping complemented each other perfectly.

After the concert I was able to meet von Mering and Schultz. They both were very down to earth and engaging with all their fans, asking us questions about their music and seeming genuinely interested in our responses.

Aer has been slowly emerging more and more into the pop culture scene. They are still fairly unknown but can be found on twitter and instagram @TheAerMusic. Their music is on YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes and would be a worthwhile listening experience for anyone who enjoys G-Eazy, Shwayze, or Chiddy Bang