New ABC show About A Boy quickly wins over viewers

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Feb. 22, 2014 was the premiere of a new NBC drama called About a Boy. The show is titled and modeled after About a Boy, a novel written in 1998 by British author Nick Hornby, which was turned into a movie in 2002, under the same title.

During the first episode you meet the three main characters: Will, Fiona and Marcus. Will is a partying batchelor, spending all his time hitting on and picking up women. He encounters Fiona and Marcus for the first time as he runs out of  his apartment, chasing down a woman he wanted the number of, in his underwear. As he walks back to his apartment, he sees Fiona and Marcus as they are moving in to the other half of his duplex. They meet and Fiona, the carefree, fun-loving single mother of Marcus, 11, takes an instant disliking to Will’s womanizing behavior.

Will moves on with his day until he hears a knock at his door and opens it to find a nervous Marcus standing on his front stoop. Confused, he explains neighbors are not friends, until he realizes Marcus is being chased by bullies, and allows the boy inside. Will takes Marcus under his wing, and the two become “best friends” as Marcus fondly refers to them.

Will is hesitant to help the boy, fearing he will get attached, but continues to help Marcus, much to the disapprovement of Fiona.

The show seemed promising during the first episode so I continued to watch the comedy and get more attached to the lives and interactions of Will, Marcus and Fiona.
During episode two, you see Will and Marcus begin to bond and Will babysits the boy for the day. Will takes Marcus to a party full of bikini wearing “video hos” that his friend scored invites for. Will helps Marcus conquer a fear, and the bonding continues.

Only sevenepisodes into the first season, About a Boy does not really have a clear plot other than the lives of Will, Fiona and Marcus, as they bond and become friends. However, About a Boy is an intriguing show, with well developed characters. After seven episodes, I grew attached to Will’s outgoing attitude, Marcus’ affectionate demeanor, and Fiona’s frazzled way of approaching life’s problems.

About a Boy has received an average of 8.3 million viewers per week (Entertainment Weekly), and new episodes premiere every Tuesday at 9 p.m. on NBC.

I thoroughly enjoy the 30 minute show, and would definitely recommend About a Boy to anyone looking to laugh for a half hour straight.